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February 2016

C. Bunn's Presentation on the ACTE CareerTech Vision 2016 conference.


October 2015

Professional Development Presentation

Board Meeting Presentation

Shirley Ware's Presentations

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May 2015

PD Presentations

Bridges Out Of Poverty 

Tracy Reid, SUNY Educational Opportunity Center instructor & Bridges out of Poverty workshop presenter, Syracuse, NY

Reducing the social costs of poverty, strengthening the workforce, and building a more prosperous and sustainable community are goals on which most communities agree.        aha! Process’s Bridges Out of Poverty community support program provides a family of concepts, workshops, and products to help employers, community organizations, social service agencies, and individuals address and reduce poverty in a comprehensive way.
*(TL:4b, 4d,5d,8d )

  Pictures taken during the Presentation

Aha Process (YouTube )

Poverty Rates Surge (YouTube)

Common Career Technical Core (CCTC)

Dawn B. Scagnelli, Career and Technical Education Team, Family and Consumer Sciences Associate

The Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) is a state-led initiative to establish a set of rigorous, high-quality standards for Career Technical Education. The standards have been informed by state and industry standards and developed by a diverse group of teachers, business and industry experts, administrators and researchers. Dawn will describe them, give insights as to how to use them, and guide us through an activity using them.

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   Sites to get more information

Pathway Questions Mailbox - use this mailbox to address any questions that your school may have concerning Multiple Pathways                                     
Multiple Pathways Webpage:
Multiple Pathways Guidance Memo:
Multiple Pathways Q&A
List of Approved Technical Assessments


February 2015

Engaging Students through Project-Based Learning and Authentic Lessons (Barb Grenga, FACS teacher; Cicero-North Syracuse HS)

  Engaging Students through PBL Presentation

EverFi- (Nathan Render, Schools Manager)  Everfi is a web-based platform of short courses that teach, assess and certifies students in critical skills like digital responsibility, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

  Presention of Everfi (as seen at the meeting)
1) EverFi-Financial Literacy (grades 9-12) - curriculum guide + web demo
2) Future Goals/Ignition - Digital Citizenship (grades 5-9) - curriculum guide + web demo 
3) Vault - Understanding Money (grades 4-6)- curriculum guide + web demo
4) Venture - Entrepreneurial Expedition (grades 7-10) - curriculum guide + web demo



Insights into APPR/teacher evaluation from both the FACS teacher and Administrative perspectives - (Barb Grenga, FACS teacher; Cicero-North Syracuse HS who has recently been awarded an administrative degree)

  APPR and the FACS Teacher 


ACTE 2014 National Conference presentation and NYSED updates from our President!

  ACTE CareerTech Visions 2014

Paige Wright Lapbook Ideas

Project H Design

Suzanne Lee -Grow your Own Clothes Ted Talk

Career Clusters 101 Kate Blosveren Webinar

16 Career Clusters 


Previous PD Sessions

Face of Hunger

The Face of Hunger is a web-based curriculum that can be accessed at Cornell University Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies.  The Curriculum focuses on India and Africa with everything from recipes, power points on culture and geography, games, projects, rubrics, and several multi-media resources to make a food trip around the world a cinch.  There are several lessons and materials that address malnutrition, the fairness of world economics, and exploration into remedies to the world hunger crisis. This is geared for a high school global foods class but can be easily adapted to middle school as well as global studies or other classrooms. You will be exposed to several lessons and a taste of native food.

21st Century Literacy Skills

21st Century Literacy Skills – Looking at the ELA Common Core State Standards converted into the  “21st Century Literacy Skills” that can be used to assess the student’s skills.  Using a list of Literacy Strategies (which are research-based and used in ELA) that can be used in the FACS classroom with many different activities to help students improve their literacy skills.  The idea is not to just incorporate literacy into the FACS classroom, but to actually help students improve their literacy skills and assess their development over time (i.e. before and after a project).  Presentation will include hands-on activities. Dr. Andrea Mosenson from Queens College did a spectacular presentation on literacy skills!!!!

CTE Approval Process & Positioning Your Middle School CTE FACS Program for NYS Education Reform 

Learn step by step what you can do to get your High School FACS Program started in the CTE approval process start. The process works for both small and large FACS departments.   Plus we need to start preparing for NYS Education Middle School reform. Shirley Ware thanks for all the information you gave the PD team!  Kudos to all FACS teachers at Cicero-North Syracuse High School!

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