Finger Lakes - East

Welcome to Finger Lakes East!  This region includes Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates counties

We have 32 local members, with a state wide membership of 729!

For more information about this region, please contact:

Katie Herman, Area Coordinator
5331 Sunflower Drive
Canandaigua, NY  14424

H: (585) 738-8358
W: (315) 548-6306 

Maureen Bolger, Professional Development 

We need even more members so we can remain strong as an area and as a profession!  Here are benefits you will receive when you pay the dues to join NYSAFCSE:

  • Area Meetings with networking and professional development opportunities are offered monthly!
  • State updates and current information on how to keep FACS going strong are sent to your email promptly!
  • Monday Memos have pertinent information all FACS teachers should know!
  • Strong leaders continue to promote and advocate for our profession!
  • and much, much more!

Our FLE Professional Development chair, Maureen Bolger, has delivered an exciting professional development calendar for the 2016-2017 school year.

1. September 13, 2016   3:30-6:00         Opening Year Meeting with FLW
                       "Careers in Culinary Arts and Business" 
Monroe Community College

2. October 6, 2016   3:30-6:00         Joint meeting with FLW
                       Personal Finance Education for Students
Victor Jr./Sr. High School
                                       953 High Street, Victor, NY 14564

     RSVP by Friday, September 30th:
     NYSAFCSE 2016-17 PD Goals: 6a-Increasing student academic achievement

                                                         6b-Increase student mastery of knowledge        

3. November 17, 2016  3:30-6:00

                        Pathways to College & Career Readiness: 16 Career Clusters

                        Presenter: Pam Sisto, Geneva Middle School

                        Location: Geneva Middle School, Room 118,  101 Carter Rd. Geneva, NY                              14456

     RSVP by Monday, November 14th to:

    NYSAFCSE 2016-2017 PD Goals:  2 Career Readiness:

                                                                a. Employability Profile/Career Plan

                                                                 c. Career identification resources and On-line                                                                                learning

                                                                 d. Career Clusters

   4. March 30, 2017    3:30-6:00     

                             "But this isn't a Science class!"  Or is it?!"

                             Presenter: Barb Mikler-Crandon, Newark High School                

                             Location: Newark High School, Room 180,  625 Peirson Avenue, Newark,                              NY 14513

     RSVP by Monday, March 27th to:

    NYSAFCSE 2016-2017 PD Goals: 

         3. Maintaining Professional Standards; e - Skill building and Updates

         6. Utilizing Professional Learning Communities; a - Increase student achievement,

                        b. Increase student mastery of knowledge & skills

         7. Supporting the Standards through Technology; c - STEM and STEAM

5. April 26, 2017  3:30-6:00

                         Growth Mindset:  Why we should be thinking this way and how it can help

                                                           our students achieve their full potential

                        Presenter: Amanda Muster, Health Teacher, Marion Middle & High School

                        Location: Marion Jr/Sr High School, Room 51, 4034 Warner Rd. Marion, NY

                        RSVP by Monday, April 24th to:

    NYSAFCSE 2016-2017 PD Goals: 

              3. Health and Wellness Initiatives; g - Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

              6. Utilizing Professional Learning Communities; a - Increase student academic