Committee Chairs:

Position Name Contact information  
Recording Secretary Emily Glasser [email protected]  
Treasurer Leslie Lacell [email protected]  
President Denise Paley [email protected]  
Vice President Denise Hartmann [email protected] [email protected]
Past President Kimberly DeHart [email protected] [email protected]
Corresponding Secretary Julie Liccion [email protected] [email protected]
Professional Development Jonathan Mosenson [email protected]  
  Shawna Strenfel [email protected]  
Legislation Constance Spohn, CTE TAC [email protected]  
College Representatives Rose Avanzato [email protected]  
  Judy Davis [email protected]  
  Andrea Mosenson [email protected] [email protected]
State Conference (FCCLA) Teresa Steflik [email protected] [email protected]
  Kimberly DeHart [email protected] [email protected]
Membership Nancy Amory [email protected] [email protected]
Finance Marie Elliot [email protected] [email protected]
Say Yes To FCS Initiative Constance Costley [email protected] [email protected]
Public Relations Kelly Rooney [email protected]  
Nominations Open    
Awards & Scholarship Beka Stoll [email protected]  
Marketing/Logo Angela Turck [email protected] [email protected]
Constitution and Handbook June Wolfersteig [email protected]  
NYSUT Melissa Capobianco [email protected]  
Historian Pamela Sisto [email protected] [email protected]
Web Master Liz Milliken [email protected]  
FCCLA Dove Karn [email protected]